Our VISION is to encourage and foster musical interest by providing good quality music to the George Community. The society also aims to satisfy the musical needs of it's members as well as that of the George community and surroundings.


Our MISSION is to support musicians in the local community through fundraising projects, sponsors, organising concerts and events by inviting musicians and vocalists of local, national and international merit.

2022/23 committee members

Koos Greyling
Sandra Tillbrook
Community Development
Charl Joubert

Beatrice Esterhuizen
Dr. Gerrit Jordaan

Our History

The language of music resonates throughout centuries and reaches beyond borders to touch every heart. This passion for music has also been the mutual force that propelled the George Music Society (GMS) for over fifty years at the foot of the Outeniqua.

The GMS was founded by Mr. Alwyn Burger, a local auditor, in 1956. Martha Avierinos, has been a member since 1984 and chair of the GMS during 1997-2001, and again from 2005 - 2010. Martha writes in an article celebrating the 50th anniversary of the GMS in May 2006, about its history in the music magazine, Musicus, Vol 35.2,(2007). She recalls other members who initiated the GMS with Mr. Burger. They were Mrs. Malan, Mrs. Rita Heydenrych, Ms. Emma van Heerden and a young music teacher, Mrs. Anna du Toit.

Martha mentions several people who chaired the GMS over the past centuries, such as Mr.H. Oosthuizen (principal), Mrs. Elaine Buchner (hospital Matron), Mr. Gerrie Brits (S.A. Breweries), Mrs. Karen Temmingh (teacher) and Mr. Ian Alder (builder). The current chairperson, Mr. Peter Mundell has directed the GMS since 2010.

Martha proudly reflects that the founders were appreciative of good music and even though they started small by presenting house concerts for George and vicinity, the high quality and standard of music were established from early on. They also presented a variety of genres, such as classical music, chamber music, and jazz through local, national and international artists who represented instrumental, vocal, ensembles, choral and orchestral varieties.

Some of the performances of the early artists were recalled by Emma van Heerden and Anna du Toit. They included Jonty Solomon, The Vienna Boys’ Choir, The Itoki Male Group, Rudi Neitz (bass), Aneen Leeuwner (soprano), as well as George’s own Manuel Villet (piano). Villet furthered his studies in England and started his musical career there. George even honoured Villet by naming a street after him.

The GMS further invited many more artists, a few of whom are mentioned below: The Red Army Ensemble, Tessa Uys, Bosch Troubadours, Aviva Pelham, Olivier de Groote, Eva Tamassy, Lamar Crowson, George Zuckerman, Pieter Schoeman, Paris Opera Boys Choir, Isolde Traut, Jurgen Schwietering, A Few Good Men, Odeon Strykkwartet, Cape Town’s Three Tenors, Suren Bagratuni, Petronel Malan, Clint van der Linde, Nina Schumann, Francois du Toit, Sarah Oates, Zoë Beyers, Brass Quintet, Le Grande Celli, Anmari van der Westhuizen, Marija Bajalika, Camerata Ensemble, Jan Gottlieb Jiracek, Sanet Allen, Daniel Ben Pienaar, Spencer Myer and Carlo Guaitoli.

The GMS has always aimed to build active appreciation and support of local talent. George was honored by performances of Professional South-African artists, to mention a few: Dalene Brits (née Steenkamp, pianist), Olive Sandilands (née Coetzee, pianist), Roelof Temmingh (organ), Ronel van Aswegen (piano), Alma Oosthuizen (vocal) and Elisabeth Potgieter (vocal).

One of the aims of the GMS is to create awareness, music appreciation and participation of the younger generation through the concerts. With this in mind, Anna du Toit encouraged Martha Avierinos to initiate the Young Musician’s Competition 1985.

The Young Musician’s Gala Concert has became one of the most cerebrated events of our annual concerts. The competition has contributed to the high standards that have been acheived by George music pupils over the years, and has resulted in several music students from George becoming professional artists, for example Clint van der Linde (contra tenor), Margaux Lamont (piano), Ammiel Bushakevitz (piano) and Avigail Bushakevitz (violin).

Anna du Toit created a further opportunity for young developing musicians, by donating two trophies for Ensembles participating in the Young Musicians. This created an opportunity for inexperienced musicians to relieve nerves by combining skills, while performing in front of an audience.

George produced several other celebrities in music circles of South Africa, e.g. Prof. H. van der Mescht, lecturer at the University of Pretoria, and John Theodore, examiner at Unisa.

One of the biggest challenges for the GMS was investing in a good piano. Initiatives taken by the newly founded South-Cape Symphony Orchestra(conductor Kalene Roux), and their performances during the 1990’s contributed greatly towards this goal. Another project that created funding for the piano was a slideshow of South Cape Flora and Fauna with accompanying music presented by Mr. Burger Gericke. It was called “Kom wandel saam met my”. He and his wife, Mrs. Gretha Gericke (now 97) were well-known cultural leaders in the community. Mr Gericke was the father of Karen Temmingh, the chair of the GMS at that time. Within 18 months an amount of R39000 was collected to acquire the Baby Grand piano that is currently used for concerts in the Arts Theatre.

Even though times were financially difficult in the past, there were always people with enough love for quality music, who kept the flame of GMS burning throughout approximately 60 years.